We know you have a choice in

CPR Training Centers,

and we're glad you chose us!

Our team of EMS & Healthcare Professionals

are ready to meet your training needs 24/7.

(Please note that some staff do not appear on this page.  They work in public service and prefer to remain private for their family's safety.)

For the safety of our staff and the proprietary video and written test content, no photos or videos are allowed in the classroom.  Cell phone ringers must be turned off and phones placed under the table.  Violations may result in immediate dismissal without a refund.  No cards are issued for expelled students.

A PBCPR Selfie Station is available for your convenience in the lobby.


Learn from Medics who have performed CPR

many times on victims of all ages. 

And hear our survivor stories!

From 1-100 students,

we have you covered!

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Small class sizes encourage

questions and competency in BLS.

Large classes with

multiple instructors (and manikins)

can certify your entire company at one time.

Sharief & Shirlinda
Sharief & Shirlinda Savahl

We are Sharief and Shirlinda Savahl, a husband and wife team of CPR instructors since 1997.  Shirlinda received her EMT in 1995 & Paramedic in 1998.  She has since earned her Bachelor's of Science in Behavioral & Natural Sciences.  Her Master's in Education will be complete in 2021. Shirlinda works for a 911 EMS service in West Texas.

Sharief graduated with his EMT certification in 1993 and is a TCOLE and Firearms Instructor.  Sharief is a Police Officer in West Texas.


We have both performed CPR countless times on many victims. And we have been privileged to have been part of successful resuscitations. Open the PDF for a wonderful example of CPR that saved a life!          

Dennis McCampbell, Paramedic

Dennis has been an active member of 911 Fire and EMS since 1998.  He currently works as a 911 Firefighter and is a retired Paramedic.  He regularly assists with CPR classes and adds experience to our team. 

Owen D.jpg
Owen Savahl

Owen earned his Instructor in March 2019.  He has been assisting in the family business since age eight.  He loves acting, directing and producing movies.   He is currently enrolled in the Odessa College Theater Program.

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PBCPR Instructors

PBCPR Instructors

We have many dedicated instructors who choose not to be included on the website.  But we are truly grateful for their dedication!

What's makes PBCPR the best CPR business in West Texas? 

Our Staff!

Knowledgeable, professional, experienced, and willing to go the extra mile for our students.  Inspiring confidence and mastery of the skills are our specialty. 

Anyone can play a video, PBCPR offers an experience you won't easily forget. 

Practice on realistic manikins, use an AED, save a choking baby, disarm an attacker, protect your family, ask questions and really understand the why & how of Saving A Life.

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