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 Shirlinda Savahl, LP

Shirlinda Savahl received her EMT in 1995 & Paramedic in 1998.  She has since earned her AAS in EMS and Bachelor's of Science in Behavioral & Natural Sciences.  Her Master's in Education will be complete in 2021. Shirlinda works for a 911 EMS service in West Texas.    

 Sharief Savahl, EMT

Sharief graduated with his EMT certification in 1993 and is a TCOLE,  Firearms, AVERT, and RAD Instructor.  Sharief is a Police Officer in West Texas.

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Sam Baez, MHA

Sam is a native of Puerto Rico where she earned her Master's in Healthcare Administration with a minor in Psychology.  Sam teaches the bilingual classes for PBCPR and Ray HCA.  She works in security in West Texas.  

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Dennis McCampbell, Paramedic

Dennis has been an active member of 911 Fire and EMS since 1998.  He currently works as a 911 Firefighter and is a retired Paramedic.  He regularly assists with CPR classes and adds experience to our team. 

Owen D.jpg
Owen Savahl

Owen earned his Instructor in March 2019.  He has been assisting in the family business since age eight.  He is currently enrolled in the Ray HCA EMT Program.

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Fred Meyers, CCEMTP

Fred earned his Paramedic in 2013. He owns a gym and teaches body mechanics and advanced courses for Ray HCA.  He works as a Critical Care Paramedic for a 911 EMS service in West Texas.