Minimum of four students, maximum of 32 students, for each class.  Best if conducted in your facility for security and safety procedure checks.  AVERT class time is 2-6 hours, depending on number of students.


School, Church, Co-op, Troop, Clubs, Meetings, Office, Library; endless applications for this training!  FREE consultation - click the link below.


Add CPR/AED/First Aid for $30 per student (regular price $55).   Adds 2 hours to class time.


Open enrollment classes coming soon in PBCPR office.


The Health and Safety Institute (HSI) Active Violence Event Response Training (AVERT) program is intended for a general audience.

The program includes cognitive information and participation in activities that help to prepare a student for possible active violence events and how to react to improve the likelihood of survival.

This program is not intended to meet workplace first aid regulatory requirements.
The online portion of this AVERT Blended Learning course for students is a prerequisite to the classroom training portion.

Additional training in CPR, AED, and basic first aid is highly recommended.
The goal of this training program is to help participants develop the knowledge and confidence to react quickly if active violence should occur.

AVERT is designed to include a significant amount of interactive participation.

By appointment only