Where can I find your full schedule?

Where are classes held?

 Our sample class schedule is available here

Classes are Flipped, so your schedule is the class schedule.

Our main classroom and skills lab is located in Midland, Texas.  Our address is 1601 W Texas Ave, Midland TX 79701.  Your classroom is anywhere you place your laptop!  Hybrid classes offer flexibility and convenience. 

Each course is different, but prices are listed on the information page for each course.  Approximate tuition is below.

EMT $1,950

Phlebotomy $1,250 (Coming Soon!)

IV Certification $225 (Purchase here)

Do I have to travel to Midland?

You will come to the Midland office for orientation, initial paperwork, ID badge photos and a tour.  Skills and written tests will be scheduled throughout your course.  You will have at least 2 weeks notice for any mandatory Midland sessions.  Clinicals are held in Lamesa, Midland and Odessa.

How much do courses cost?