JM from Email 12-11-2020



First of all I want to thank you for still providing classes with the covid pandemic hitting our community.  I also thank you for taking measures to separding out the students to help avoid getting covid. Everyone having their own equipment put me at ease.  I did not have to worry about getting the rona from someone who has touched my mannequin. 


The class was very clear and precise.  She hit all key points to performing CPR on adults and infants.  The class did not have filler information, which in my opinion, is unnecessary.   

Anonymous Facebook post 12-10-2020

Permian Basin CPR really disappointed me yesterday.  I recieved an email before the class stating masks were mandatory for staff and that masks for students were encouraged but not required.  We were in a small room for class, and while the instructor did wear a mask while speaking and teaching one on one, the mask was taken off when watching videos but still in the room.  It really made me sad because the instructor and course were done really well (we even discussed Covid safety options).  Again...the instruction and coursework get an A+ but not following their own guidelines is an F :(

RT from Email 11-20-2020

Thank you for the opportunity to renew my ACLS/BLS.  Instructor was very knowledgeable and accommodating with regards to class times, location, and supplies. Additionally, class size was perfect. Thank you again.

TB from Email 8-11-2020

Very well taught class.  I’m so thankful I took the class.  The instructor was very clear and helpful.  Thank you for your time I very much enjoyed the class.  Thank you again!!