The NREMT AEMT Psychomotor Exam Information Page

The AEMT Psychomotor Exam will be held in

Pecos, Texas on August 3 or 4 (choose your date)

from 0900 until 1900 each date.

Paramedic fee $400

AEMT fee $300

Email for Registration:


Registration Information

Registration is required for entry into the

NREMT Psychomotor exam. 

Fees are $300 for AEMT and $150 for EMT. 

Fees are payable via invoice to your email address

at least 30 days in advance.  You may request your date choice (July 28 or July 29).

There is no fee to retest a skill on the same date.

Email for registration information

Or click the link below for an exam in your area:

Skills Sheets

Download the appropriate skills sheets for your test level. 

Practice and tutor sessions are available by contacting

PBCPR via email or text.

Please note: NREMT does not require an EMT Basic Psychomotor Skills Test.  This Test is offered for Renewal certification. 

Check with your program for acceptance or reciprocity. 

432-688-7450 or